VR Storyboards and Animatics

GoodTH.Inc's Story_VR is a workflow built to allow the rapid creation and revision of commercials, experiences, films and episodes inside VR.

Storyboards have been used in television, advertising and feature films to depict the nuanced performances of complex characters. These storyboards dictate the camera angles, layouts, design, and narrative. So it's no wonder that studios like Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks dedicate years of their film's production to the storyboard animatic phase.
 This is also true of the live action films. From blockbusters by Marvel and Disney to independent films shot on a shoestring budget, extensive storyboarding helps raise capital, communicate the vision from the director to the team, and save both time and money on set. 

One could argue that VR benefits even more from storyboarding than traditional film and television, as the language of VR, is not yet clearly defined. 
The ability to prototype the characters' performances, interactions and reactions in a clear and communicative format is vital to this emerging industry.



It all starts with the script.



By starting with traditional storyboards, cut in a traditional way, GoodTH.Inc leverages the existing talent pool of the film and television industry, allowing storyboard artists to do what they do best: storyboard.

VR Animatic


Pushing the rough animatic from your preferred non-linear editor (Premiere Pro or Final Cut) into your preferred game engine (Unreal Engine or Unity), GoodTH.Inc Storyboard_VR's layout team then composes the experience in 3-Space in an iterative and controlled fashion. This ups the chances of creating a  successful VR experience.


Animated Commercials

The team at GoodTH.Inc produce incredibly high quality animated commercials and print work. We are also happy to add high quality animation or vfx to live action spots.





Final Delivery